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Isn't there enough hidden treasure in the world?

Well, yes and no. While there is lots of hidden treasure out there, finding it can be complicated, dangerous, illegal, and you'll need to do a lot of either digging or diving.

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Q: How are the chests stored outside and don't rust?

A: Our chests are sealed inside water-tight containers. The outside world is harsh on cheap metal jewelry cases. To help preserve these chests for as long as it'll take our hunters to find them all, we sealed them in plexiglass cases.

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How many chests have been found?

None. There are 6 chests left. Will you be the first hunter to solve the clues and claim a prize?

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What will you do with $10,000

Find one of our chests and get $10,000. No questions asked.

So far this hunt is burning up ever brain cell that I still have! We are just getting started but I am soooo impressed with the design and how different it is from any other hunt I’ve attempted. Can’t wait to get my box in the mail!

Karen H - Wilmington, DE

I have truly enjoyed working on this hunt, made friends I’ve never knew before. Thank you for making this hunt.

Tristina H - Bonita Springs, FL

Having a great time working this fun treasure hunt! The best parts are seeing your progress on the leaderboard, and the collaboration.

Samantha D